The Attack on Titan season 2 kissanime has been released

The Attack on Titan season 2 kissanime has been released

The attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series. Today there are many anime fans around the world, and they are in love with the manga series. The Attack on Titan has been written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. The series’ first began in Kodansha’s BessatsuShōnen Magazine in 2009. By 2018, all episodes were collected into 26 tankōbon volumes. The episodes revolve around humans inside a town surrounded by man-eaters called Titans.


An overview of the episodes on Attack on Titan Season 2 Kissanime


The official episodes of season 2 have been released, and the story goes as below. You could download and watch these by getting the Kissanime plugin. Eren Jaeger is the hero who is ready to wipe out every last Titan. During a battle, he is wounded. He gets new powers, and he fights to save his kingdom from all the man-eating monsters that have intruded his home.

These man-eaters do not know about the value of humanity. They kill people for no reason — the humans live in three walls: the outermost Wall, which is the Maria, the middle wall which is the Wall Rose and the innermost which is the Wall Sheena.  Once a Titan attacked the people who were living in the outer wall. These people had never seen any Titan before in their life. So they moved into the inner walls to save their life. The Titans are large creatures who are 3 and 15 meters in height, and they do not have reproductive organs. They attack and eat humans. Three main military troops try to evade these Titans. They are the Survey Corps, the Garrison Regiment and the Military Police Brigade. These forces use dual swords and use gas canisters to attack the Titans. Ymir Fritz is the Founding Titan. It is a battle between the humans and the man-eaters to save their lives.


Beast Titans- Episode 1

There is a discovery of a new set of Titans behind the walls.


I’m Home- Episode 2

Inside the Wall Rose, there are more Titans and the messengers Sasha and Conny ride to warn their villages.


Southwestward- Episode 3

Eren and the scouts look for clues.


Soldier- Episode 4

An attack on the castle and the Scouts hope for a promise and a secret.


Historia- Episode 5

The Utgard Castle is crushed, and Ymir combats the Titans hoping for a miracle to happen. Christa will have to fulfill the promise they made a long time back during winter training.”


Warrior-Episode 6

The scouts seek medical attention.


Close Combat-Episode 7

There’s a new enemy to combat, Eren and the Scouts are fighting back to save their village.


The Hunters-Episode 8

The scout still has faith in Eren. They do not want to retreat.


 Opening- Episode 9

The scouts are trapped in the giant forest until nightfall.


Children- Episode 10

The group runs, Ymir wonders what she has to do to save her loved ones.


Watch the episodes on Attack on Titan Season 2 Kissanime; you will soon become an anime fan!

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